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Bikes In Schools: Best Thing Ever!

Last Updated: February 26, 2021

As seen in local and national press in late January, we’ve featured in this article about Bikes in Schools!

Read the Radio NZ Story here.

Read the Scoop NZ story here.

Riding bikes in the open air is good for the children on a number of levels, Delaney tells Kathryn Ryan.

“The kids come to school and they feel good … Whatever has gone wrong at home, no matter who’s told you off, once you get on that bike you leave some of that stuff behind. It’s invigorating.”

“When they get out there it makes a difference to their learning. They get rid of stuff that’s in their head, they feel good … and if you’re angry about something in life, get out on a bike.”

One student was so overweight he couldn’t lift his leg high enough to get on a bike, Delaney says. A special bike was built for him.

“That boy lost 22 kilos by the time he left our school but better than that he was riding all over Titahi Bay. Wonderful.”

Listen to Kerry speak on Radio NZ about Bikes in Schools.