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Our School – Tō mātou Kura

A place to learn

Who we are

Tītahi Bay School is nestled in the heart of Tītahi Bay, a short distance to our beach and harbour. We have New Entrants to Year 6 children and we are very proud of our achievements. We are a vibrant, big school which embraces the cultural traditions found within our diverse group of students. We currently have 39% Maori, 43% NZ European, 14% Pasifika, and 4% Other in our school.

Our Mission

To promote achievement and self-worth and provide challenging opportunities for all our students and staff.

Our Culture

We celebrate our dual heritage, and today’s multi-cultural school community, respecting and valuing diversity, and have high expectations, inclusiveness and care for ourselves, others and our environment.

Our Traditions

We have a reputation in the performing arts and kapa haka. Our school shows are legendary and always involve the whole school. We celebrate our new 5 year olds coming into our school through Springbulbs and we hold a very special graduation night at the end of Year 6 – where each child receives a taonga.

We also recognise the Year 6’s who have reached the highest level in Numeracy, Literacy, Sports, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, contribution to school and role models. We are a very sporty school and have Saturday netball and hockey and we also compete in a range of sporting events locally and regionally.

All new children and staff are welcomed into our school with a Pōwhiri. The Pōwhiri team is made of students – the karanga and speaker on the paepae are students.

Our School

We are on big grounds with two large grass areas. Our buildings, hall and playgrounds are well maintained. We have shaded areas for children. Our school celebrates enviro education through our edible garden, worm farms and recycling and we encourage students to take pride in their environment.

Our Community

Our community totally supports our school and is very approachable and keen to help us. Our community enjoy coming to all our celebrations, especially when their children are showcasing their talents. We celebrate Academics, The Arts, Sports and our Values programme. We have very supportive parents who work with the school on any new initiative.

Joint Expectations

Parents, teachers and the community hold high expectations for student achievement:

  • Students will become self-motivated, independent and confident
  • Parents and teachers will do everything they can to overcome the barriers to learning that some children encounter
  • Children will achieve the fundamentals of a good education and in doing so will have fun and discover and experience new and exciting things.

Community Consultation

Tītahi Bay School consults regularly with our parents and caregivers over matters which affect the education of the children. The consultation process includes strategic plans, school reviews and community surveys and reporting to parents. We also survey our students to get their take on their education and to identify areas for improvement.


A profile (our vision) of a Year 6 student who has spent at least 3 years at Tītahi Bay School before leaving:

  • Be at the expected National Standards level in Reading, Writing and Maths. To be achieving at the expected level and have the necessary skills to be moving onto Year 7/8.
  • Proud of his/her achievements, school and community
  • Confident (motivated and happy)
  • Organised (responsible for self)
  • Able to persevere (set goals and work hard)
  • Able to get along with others (friendly and fair), show gratitude
  • Resilient (able to handle setbacks and conflict)
  • Able to think for him/her self and take responsibility
  • Able to read, write, communicate and use maths skills – to his/her potential
  • Creative, healthy and active
  • Excited about learning and future opportunities

Inclusion and Equity:

At Tītahi Bay school we celebrate difference and value people as individuals. The strictest confidentiality will be adhered to in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. The needs of all our children will be catered for regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, physical, social and academic abilities.