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Learning Hubs

Our Hubs

Our learning hubs are made up of 1 or 2 composite classes. This allows our children to be learning at the level that best suits them, and allows our teachers to move about the hub as necessary. Each year we review the structure of our hubs and composite classes to suit the number of students in each year group.

Composite Classes

At Tītahi Bay School the decision was made to have composite classes, based on evidence about what makes a positive difference for students.

There is clear evidence that composites do make a significant difference in and provide affective advantages for students, i.e. they enhance self-esteem, decrease behavioural problems, reduce the impact of labelling, encourage the formation of positive communities and lead to social and academic growth.

The school’s commitment to grouping students according to social as well as academic needs has positive outcomes for all. It is what we all know as parents and teachers – when a student feels positive about school they are more likely to be academically and socially successful.

Each year the composite class makeups can change due to the numbers in each year group.