Lunches in Schools beginning Monday 15 March

Last Updated: July 9, 2021
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I want you to work with us on school lunches as it is not an easy task to set up.  We have 391 KURA kids and they are not all going to like the menu. What I can tell you is it is healthy and been set up by Health providers and Dieticians.

We are hoping that everything gets signed off and we are ready to roll with the lunches on the 15 March. I have fast tracked this so we have a few weeks at the end of Term 1 to iron out any issues we might have and then be able to go into Term 2 with clear procedures.


We will be using our fruit in schools as morning tea for our KURA kids and then at lunch time they will get delivered lunch. It comes in a plastic container which we send back at the end of the day and will be recycled.

ALL you will need to send to school is a DRINK.

I want you to work with us, I want to avoid emails each day saying children do not like certain foods.   We do need to do the full fortnightly menu cycle to see how it goes.   Each day our KURA kids will put their container in one of three boxes.   One with a happy face, one with a neutral face and one with a sad face – this way our provider will collect the data each day and at the end of the first four weeks we will be able to clearly see what was liked and what wasn’t.

All the scraps and rubbish are taken from our site each day, so again this is wonderful for our school.

There will be 2 lunches, one for Gluten, Vegan, Vegetarian and Halal and the other for everyone else. Remember Jodene in the office must know the names of these KURA kids so we can order the lunches.  We thank the whānau who have done this and I have rung you all so well done.

We cannot guarantee a lunch that is peanut free as the companies use commercial kitchens and they said there could always be a trace of nuts. SO at this stage we want children who have an anaphylactic peanut allergy to continue with their own lunch until we find a solution.  Please see the Kāpura menu below – 

Term 3 Week 1
Term 3 Week 2