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Message from the Principal

Term 3 is all but over and we continue to reflect at school on our progress and what we do at school for our KURA kids. Once again as we look back over the term we again celebrate all the rich learning we have been part of. Our teachers are tired now and need a little time to work on Term 4's plan.

Term 4 is a term full of learning and fun and we will end the term with our Year 6 leavers 12 December and also KURA on the Green - Thursday 6 December. For those of you new to our school, KURA on the Green is a chance for the whole school to come together over kai and music for a night of fun.

I am very aware that at times whānau can struggle with daily life with their tamariki. I want you to reach out to Yasmin Silestean our Family Social Worker on 0276123084 or Lucy Robinson, our Health Nurse on 0274526861.

Enviro Leaders

This term the Enviro Leaders are focusing on getting a lizard garden so that they can have a nice predator-free place to live in. We are doing this because we want the lizards not to become endangered. A woman called Becky came to talk to the Enviro Leaders about the lizard garden. We have been digging agapanthus out of a bank at the back of the school for a place to put the lizard garden.

To help raise money to get good plants and other stuff for our lizard garden we have had a bake sale with help from some Buddy Patrols, we raised $630 to go towards the lizard garden, and the leftover money will go towards a small forest for NZ birds. We are going on a trip to Kapiti Island on 26 September! On the same day as the bake sale we had a 'green' dress up day to raise the awareness of the environment and the lizards.

Earlier this year the Enviro Leaders took a trip to Discovery School to see their lizard garden and bug hotels. The Discovery School Green team showed us their lizard garden and one of their bug hotels and even let us make a little bug hotel to take back with us, using their bug hotel supplies.

Right now the Enviro Leaders are halfway through making our lizard garden and have just purchased some plants to go in our lizard garden using money raised in our bake sale. Soon we will ask what Year 5's would like to be an Enviro Leader for 2019.

Horouta Noho Marae

Thursday was the day we went to the Horouta Marae. The year 5’s went there the day before. It looked like they had had a great time. We arrived on a bus. Me and Taya wanted to be bus-buddies. We got our wish and we sat together. We played monopoly deal. I knew I was on the wrong bus. But, who cares? we’re all going to the same place. It’s in Aotea. Next to Countdown. “They must be well stocked!” was the boring joke that I kept telling, that nobody would take notice of.

When we first arrived, the excitement was pushing the nerves aside and preparing me for a good time. We had a powhiri. But, it was cool because we were the guests this time. Unlike the school powhiri, where we are the ones welcoming the new entrants and their parents and siblings, we were the visitors.

Then, we walked over the grass, took our shoes off and walked into the wharenui. It was way different to my marae, Hinemaurea. It had different carvings. Also, they had different mokos as decorations of the carvings of past founders and chiefs.

There were 4 activities to try. My favourite activity was with Matua. He was stationed at the porch, with a blanket of little māori instruments. We all sat down and leaned against the fence, to block the sun out. Matua held up different flutes and shells and, named them as he explained what they are made out of, and what they are. After he was done talking about the other instruments he started talking about a small flute.

The food was prepared by (the amazing) Mrs. Delaney. She cooked the dinner, helped with the breakfast, and made lunch for us the next day. I forgot how good sandwiches are. I made a luncheon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo sandwich. You’ve never had anything as good as that sandwich. We had lots of biscuits! They were so chocolatey and delicious!

Then it was time to set up the wharenui for sleep. First everyone lined up and we started taking the mattress into the wharenui. After we were done placing them in the wharenui, we all sat down and waited to choose our beds. Me and Taya were sharing a double mattress, next to another double mattress. That had Theo, Austin, and Cody on it. Me and Taya’s pillows were facing their pillows. That’s how our sleeping arrangements were like.

After we were in our pyjamas we began our mihis in the wharenui. Taya didn’t want to do her mihi. I said to her that I could help her. But, she was very reluctant. So, I did mine. I realised after we were done our mihi’s, that there are lots of Ngāti Porou people. So many more cuzzies!

I didn’t get to sleep until about 10:30. Taya had dozed off by now, and I resorted to talking to the boys. Theo and Cody kept chatting and staying awake. Cody started telling this hilarious story about a dog called Boobie. Me and Theo kept laughing and we were told off by a tired teacher. After a while, Theo fell asleep and Cody was just laying in his sleeping bag with his eyes closed. I have insomnia. I was one of the last people to get to sleep, apart from the teachers, of course.

My favourite part of the trip was the free time. During my free time, I played ball-tag with Taya, Korbyn and other kids. I got pretty puffed out. I like these kind of games because of the thrill of it and the fun of it. I also played Donkey with some people in room 10.

What I’m looking forward to when I get home today is my cozy bed. I’m also looking forward to seeing my Mum and my step-dad and Matilda.

by Alice Hoerara-Hunt
Ngā mihi

Breakfast Club

We love seeing KURA out and about the community and we are so excited to announce that next term we will be launching a "breakfast club" in our community. This is a project run by Arise Church where they send a team of people equipped with groceries into schools across NZ to serve a healthy breakfast once a week for tamariki. A healthy breakfast to kick start the day is key for our kids to be focused and ready to learn at school, however we know that this is not always an option for many whānau in our community. If this is a need in your home, then please read the following details to know where to send your child for some kai so they can start their day with a full tummy. We think this is awesome as it is KURA again being spread in the wider community.

Thank you to Titahi Bay Baptist Church (beside school) who have willingly opened their facilities every Wednesday morning throughout Term 4. Breakfast will be available to your child/ren from 8am - 8.50am every Wednesday from 17 October.

Kids Art Works Fundraiser

It’s that time again and these always make for great Christmas cards and gifts!
Last term your child worked really hard to create a piece of artwork that can now be made into calendars, cards notepads and diaries. This art is in your child's classroom now and is available for you to view if you’d like until this Friday (end of the term).
Please return your order form to the school office by this Friday.

New Entrants

New class of New Entrants starts day 1 of Term 4 (in Room 5) and their teacher is Annabeth Gunn.

Dates To Remember

  • Years 5/6 Epro 8 Challenge - 19 October
  • Ngahere Dance rehearsals 15-26 October 
    Matinee show 26 October 1.30pm - Evening show 26 October 5.30pm
  • Wellington orchestra 29 October - performing at school
  • Interschool Athletics 7 November
  • Junior school production 13/14 November
  • Year 6 swimming day - Waikanae Pool 22 November postponement 29 November
  • Ki o Rahi - 23 November
  • Maths Week 19-23 November
  • Regional Athletics - 4 December
  • KURA on the Green - 6 December
  • Year 6 farewell - 12 December


  • Pak'n Save receipts - Keep your receipts and hand them into the school office. These are added up and a percentage of the total goes to purchasing resources for Te Manawa.
  • YMCA We have worked hard to negotiate a great deal with YMCA for our whānau and you will have seen that before school care is $2 7.30am to 8.30 am and they get breakfast. After school care is $5 and this starts at 3pm to 6pm. Please phone YMCA on 02108299256 to organise this.
  • School fees: $40 per child or $60 per family. These donations contribute towards computers, curriculum resources, playground equipment, classroom consumables, paper and photocopying. These can be paid either as a lump sum or term by term. If you wish you can pay by Eftpost (available at the office) or by internet banking or automatic payment. Bank details are: ASB Bank - Account No. 123254002777600.
    Remember the Government pays for the basic level of education. All the extras have to be paid for and that is why we have school fees. We don’t like charging parents for these extras but it is a fact of life and all schools charge fees - many considerably more than Titahi Bay School.


Nga mihi nui ki a koutou



Email: kerry.delaney@titahibay.school.nz

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Breaking News

Waikanae Pool Trip

Monday 19 November - Rooms 6/9/17/19.

Years 6 Leaders Trip

Tuesday 6 November to Adrenalin Forest.

Maths Week

November 19 - 23 November.

Athletics Day

Tuesday 30 October.

Days Bay Trip

Wednesday 5 December - rooms 14/15.

Zoo Trip

Thursday 25 October - Rooms 2,3,5.  Friday 26 October - Rooms 1,4.  Cost $5.

Ki o Rahi

23 November.

Year 6 Waikanae Pools

21 November, postponement day 28 November.

EPr08 Challenge

Friday 19 October at Titahi Bay Intermediate School 9.30-12.30pm

Ngahere Dance

Friday 26 October.  Matinee 1.45-3pm.  Evening Show 5.30-6.30pm.

Pasifika Day

Thursday 22 November.

Last Day 2018

School finishes 12.30pm on Friday 14 December.

Year 6 Farewell Night

Wednesday 12 December.

Kura on the Green Night

Thursday 6 December.

Regional Athletics

Tuesday 4 December, postponement date Thursday 6 December.

Junior Production

Tuesday 13 November & Wednesday 14 November.  Evening show starts at 5pm.

Interschool Athletics

Wednesday 7 November, postponement date Wednesday 14 November.

2019 School Dates

Term 1: 30 January- 12 April, Term 2: 29 April - 5 July,    Term 3: 22 July - 27 Sept, Term 4: 14 Oct- 16 Dec.  Public Holidays:          Waitangi Day - 6 February, Queens Birthday - 3 June, Labour Day - 28 October, Teacher Only Days - 31 May & 29 November.

School Social Worker

Yasmin - phone 0276123084

School Health Nurse

Lucy Robinson 0274526861

Powhiri 2018

9am on Monday 29 October, 26 November.

2018 Term Dates

Term1: 1 Feb - 13 April.   Term 2: 30 April - 6 July.   Term 3: 23 July - 28 Sept. Term 4: 15 October - 14 Dec. Public Holidays: Waitangi Day 6 Feb, Easter Friday 30 March, Easter Monday 2 April, Easter Tuesday 3 April, Queens Birthday 4 June, Labour Day 22 October.

BOT Meetings

2018: 19 February, 12 March, 28 May, 25 June, 13 August, 17 September, 12 November, 3 December.

After Hours Contact

Steve Jackson - 0272410913

School App

Download our school app from App Store for iphones or Play Store for android.

New Board Of Trustees

Sarah Campbell (Chairperson) Scott Hemsley, Lynette Renouf, Ria Tomoana, Gaby Wesley-Smith.

Dental Clinic

Phone 0800825583, option 1.

 Kakano - 2018

Mondays 1.30-3pm

After School Care for 2018

YMCA - Contact Tracey Smith  Phone 021 08299256, titahibay@ymcawellington.org.nz



Stationery for 2018

Purchase online from Officemax            https://www.myschool.co.nz/titahibay

KURA Homework Challenge

KURA Homework Challenge celebration.

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