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staff kerry 2014March 10 2020

Tēna Koe, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Malo e lelei, Bula vinaka, Fakalofa lahi atu, Taloha ni, Fakatalofa atu and warm greetings to you all.

It is week 6 and the term seems to be going so fast. School is busy and very settled and everyone is enjoying training for the school TRI and being out on bikes. Our school is also enjoying our walks around the BAY exploring different areas of interest.

We have Titahi Bay Kindergarten coming to visit our New Entrants HUB Te Wana on the 12 March and the 2nd April and we look forward to sharing our learning space with them.
Te Wana is also going to run a whānau morning at school on the 26 March from 9 - 10.30am, this is an opportunity for whānau to come in and see the program they run and just hear what the teachers are doing. So mark this date in your diary.

A reminder that the NETSAFE night for whānau is on Wednesday 11 March in Room 13 at 6pm, this is a great opportunity for you to come and hear from the experts how to keep your tamariki safe on digital at home.
I have put links into this newsletter so you can see what each HUB's digital plan is. They have the programs they use and why. No digital devices are used at morning tea or lunchtime or when the classroom teacher is not in the room.
Another reminder that school closes on Thursday 9 April for Easter and the school holidays and doesn't reopen until Tuesday 28 April.

Please see all HUB links below

There is so much talk about the Coronavirus and I would like you to know what we are doing at school.   All classes will discuss and practise washing hands and how long your hands need to be washed for. Steve Jackson is ensuring that there is excess soap available in our toilets to keep up with demand. All tamariki will be shown how to cough into their elbow and lots of talk about fingers not going up noses etc etc.

Two of our seniors Wesley Prescott and Nico Gillon have produced a really effective video for all tamariki to watch around this area.
Please be vigilant about coughs and temperatures if your child gets sick. If they are sick keep them home until they get better. It is really the same message we send every year but it is normally when we are going into winter.

I have met with Whetu Bennett from WREMO Wellington Region Emergency Management Office to discuss our Emergency procedures and to ensure our school is doing all we can before an event happens. It is always reassuring to share our school emergency procedures with Whetu and hear him say how well we are prepared. Our documents are well written and everyone in our school knows them. In every class there are posters, in each block there are wheelie bins ready for us to grab with medical and other needs in them. In every class there are supplies in case we had to shut down our school.

To ensure we always know what we need to do in an emergency our school does termly drills. 

  • We have a fire drill - a long bell will sound and we move our classes in a calm manner out onto the school field and the teacher takes a clip board with them and takes the roll. We have an evacuation board that as each class comes out and the roll is completed, teachers show that their class is all accounted for.
  • We have an earthquake drill where a series of short bells will sound- in class everyone DROPS -COVERS AND HOLDS.  The class waits for the long bell for evacuation and once more we go to the field. Same procedure with the evacuation board.
  • The lockdown is a series of long, long, long, long bells and class teachers lock doors, pull blinds or curtains, turn off lights and we get down out of sight. Teachers text the office when this is all done, when the office has heard from everyone that they are safe - we wait until the safety concern has passed.

The drills are so important and we do talk to our tamariki about WHY we do this and that if you are always prepared you are informed and can do the right thing.

We are a KIDS CAN school so we have shoes, socks and jackets and they are for anyone who needs them. Just ask a teacher, or send a message. We also have sandwiches everyday in the staffroom for our tamariki to help themselves if they are hungry.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou



Email: kerry.delaney@titahibay.school.nz

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