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staff kerry 2014August 8 2019

Tēna Koe, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Malo e lelei, Bula vinaka, Fakalofa lahi atu, Taloha ni, Fakatalofa atu and warm greetings to you all.

I want to thank all the school whānau who have listened to our school and not driven up our school driveway, parked in the safest place and crossed the road with their tamariki on the pedestrian crossing. You will have seen PCC and the Police outside our school and this will continue until we have solved the problem of safety. I am aware that the 20 cars that used to park in the church can't at the moment but I do think if you have a senior child at school you can park on Te Pene Ave or the Main Road and get them to walk to you. It does become stressful when some of our staff are not respected and people are rude to them, when you are asked to park in a safer place. Our first concern always is our KURA kids and it is no good saying after an accident "I wish would have done ....."


We have decided that there will be no ballot this year as our numbers in school are very high. So if you are talking to anyone with under 5's can you please share this message.

Local Curriculum

Local Curriculum consultation has been a success with lots of community voice. Thanks to the Matariki breakfast, parent interviews and surveys undertaken, each area of our school have been a part of this also.In year 4-6 they completed a google survey, in years 1-3 Miranda McMahon spent time in each class talking with our tamariki.
It is really great to know what our tamariki want to learn about. In the junior school Whittakers Chocolate Factory , Stevensons Farm and the Warehouse are some ideas.


We are going to be very active in school with Local Elections this year and will be running an election in our school. I have just read one of our tamariki first attempt in this area and I loved it so thought you might also.

Head Girl Elections - written in Waimihi's words

The elections are coming up and it is very important to have your say of who you think should be the next head girl and head boy. I am Waimihi Muir and you should vote me for head girl because I have many great ideas and my focus will be to make school a better place for all students.

One of my ideas for the school is that in every classroom has their own vacuum cleaner. At the end of the day do you like kneeling on the floor and picking up rubbish? Well if not then we need a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is essential for every class because kneeling down of the floor too pick up rubbish can hurt kids knees and is unhygienic. If we get a vacuum cleaner in every class we may only need one or two people to tidy up and tidying will be easier, cleaner and quicker.

We need an art studio in the school. If we have an art studio students can stop making an arty mess in the class and do it in a more suitable environment. If we have an art studio in the school students can express their emotions with art. Art can calm people down, art can be educational and art can be fun. Some people don’t have ultimate art resources at their house so they can do lots of art at school (if we have an art studio). So overall we need an art studio.

At this school we have an awesome deck but it gets quite annoying sitting on the ground of the deck so that is why we need seats on the deck. On a super hot day inside you think “hey let’s sit outside so we can cool down”. You feel very happy with your idea of sitting outside but then you realise that the deck has no seats, although if we do have seats you can enjoy a lovely hot morning tea or lunch sitting outside enjoying the view of the school while eating.

So those are some of the reasons you should vote for me. I hope that you have considered voting for me now that you have seen some of the great changes I will make to this school.


The BoT and myself set up a deal with YMCA to get the best deals we could for before school and after school care in our school hall. We did this so our tamariki don’t have to be dropped off at school from 7.30am or left at school until 3.30 - 4pm. Yes, this does happen and it is not right as some days staff aren’t even in their classes at those times.
I urge you to use the service provided, the morning one offers tamariki breakfast and the cost is $3, running from 7.30-8.30am. In the afternoons they get afternoon tea and can keep eating the fruit we have in school, the cost is $6 and runs from 3pm-6pm.

I have been outside our school every day early in the morning reminding adults to please not drop off our KURA kids before at least 8.15am. I have also been outside school really worried about the KURA kids who aren’t picked up until at least 30 minutes after the bell has gone. I don’t like being the gate police and the person who has to have these conversations. Let use the YMCA and ensure that all our KURA kids are safe and warm
You can contact YMCA on 02108299256 to organise this.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou



Email: kerry.delaney@titahibay.school.nz

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