Titahi Bay School

Message from the Principal

November 15 2017
Principal Kerry Delaney

Tena koe, Talofa lava, kia orana, Malo e lelei, Bula vinaka, Fakalofa lahi atu, Taloha ni, fakatalofa atu and greetings.

Our school is currently working on our School Curriculum for the next three years and part of this work will be working on developing and promoting student engagement and agency.  At the heart of this project are the Key competencies, in particular, managing self, thinking, participating and contributing and relating to others.  It is very clear that in order to succeed in an ever changing world our kids will need the ability to deal with change, use initiative and adapt to new situations.  It is fantastic to see these attributes and competencies being used in a real context as the staff and students at Titahi Bay school work together to focus on the learning opportunities and demonstrate flexibility and resilience with the changes happening around them.

The New Zealand Curriculum has 5 key competencies woven through it from New Entrants through to Year 13.  These Key Competencies (KC's) are the capabilities people have, and need to develop, to live and learn today and in the future.  the 5 KC's and indicators of them follow:

5 Key Competencies and Indicators

Managing Self

  • Goal Setting - Is able to set realistic goals and self monitor themselves towards those goals.
  • Planning - follows/sets up own checkpoints or action plans to achieve outcomes
  • Managing time - is able to stay on task to complete a task and makes deadlines when set
  • Reliable - is able to carry out task required/sees activity through to the end
  • Aims high in all that they do - wants to give of their best/challenge themselves in their development.
  • Integrity - is able to stand up for what they believe/a sense of ownership for their learning and actions.

Participating and contributing

  • Shows responsibility - understands their actions have consequences and effect other people's lives
  • Respects others - understands that everyone is just as important and special as they are
  • Understands they are part of community - a keen sense of social justice/understanding their actions have flow on effect
  • Truth -In all actions, interactions and decisions they make

Uses language/symbols/text

  • Finds answers to questions - understands the research process/uses different methods
  • Uses ICT tools to develop understanding - is capable of using the most efficient ICT to aid learning
  • Understands the uses of language and symbols - is confident between reading for meaning and using numbers/equations to gain further understanding/knowledge

Relating to others

  • Active listener - is able to listen to instructions and follow directions
  • Share ideas - is willing to offer up suggestions/viewpoints/opinions with confidence
  • Co-operate with others - works in groups well and understands the need to work as a team
  • Mercy - is aware of others needs/show empathy for others situations
  • Love -showing it in every aspect of their lives, understands what it means and how to live by it


  • Reflects on their learning - takes time to revisit learning and make corrections to their learning direction
  • Uses thinking tools - uses different thinking tools to unpack a situation
  • Shares prior knowledge - offers up/uses graphics to note information already gained on the subject
  • Asks good questions - uses thinking rubrics to understand what a good questions look like
  • Challenges ideas - will seeks confirmation on an idea/opinion/information so that it is known to be valid

We incorporate these into all the learning and teaching work we do at Titahi Bay School.  More information on the KC's can be found at  http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Key-competences/About  

You will all know Amanda who works at the Titahi Bay Chemist -  Amanda has informed us that she is more than happy for any child who feels unsure of something at the Whitehouse Road shopping centre,  to go into her shop and ask someone for help.  Amanda went around all the shop keepers and they all felt the same.  

Family Support Worker

Yasmin is our new Family Support Worker here at TBS. Yasmin is a qualified social worker having studied at Te Wananga o Aotearoa for her BSW (Biculturalism in Practice). She has work experience in ACC, MSD, Challenge 2000, Housing NZ and Work and Income. She is looking forward to meeting parents and whanau to assist in a variety of ways. 

You can contact Yasmin  at:

Family Works
Pember House
16 Hagley Street
Phone: 0276123084
Email: yasmin.silestean@psc.org.nz 


All bookclub orders are to be returned to the office by Friday 24 November.

Year 6 Leavers Celebration

Please save the date: Wednesday 13 December 6.30pm
Light refreshments will be served.

At this year’s Leavers Celebration we will be presenting 19 cups and 2 korowai.  the cups are decided on by all staff, the Korowai for leadership by our tamariki.  There are 82 year 6 students. Not all students will receive a cup. All students will receive a certificate and a taonga to celebrate the end of their time with us. The cups are awarded to children who have stood out in particular areas during their time at our school. Many other children are acknowledged throughout the year for their achievements through awards such as the Sir Peter Blake award, Young Leaders awards presented by the council, Otago Problems Challenge awards, Kiwi Competition awards, EPro8 awards, Representing the school at inter-school sporting events, performing as part of the band, performing as part of the choir, being Road Patrol monitors, being a Buddy patrol, being an Enviro monitor, and being a Sports monitor. Though we celebrate a small number of students with cups, we are very proud of all  our year 6 students. It would be good to talk to your child before the celebration evening and help them understand that there are considerably more children not receiving cups than there are receiving cups. We are looking forward to a great evening celebrating the culmination of your child’s time with us.

School Fees

A big thank you to all whanau who have already paid - it does help us plan activities at school.  Also thank you to the whanau who pay extra to cover others.

School fees for 2017 are as follows:

School Donation: (voluntary)
1 child  $40               Family  $60         The fees have been the same for years now.

This contributes towards computers, curriculum resources, playground equipment, classroom consumables, paper, and photocopying.  The school donation can either be paid as a lump sum or term by term.  If you wish, you can pay by Eftpos (available at the office) or by internet banking or automatic payment - the bank account details are:

ASB Bank – Account No. 123254002777600.

If you have difficulty in paying school fees, please contact the Principal.

Remember, the government pays for the basic level of education.  All the extras have to be paid for and that is why we have school fees.  We don't like charging parents for these extras but it is a fact of life and all schools charge fees - many considerably more than Titahi Bay School.

Dates to remember

  • Christmas picnic 4.30 - 6pm Thursday 7 December - (bring along dinner and watch our tamariki on stage)
  • Fun House day - Friday 8 December
  • If you want an end of year interview please email the class teacher.  these will be held 4 December - 8 December
  • Year 6 Leavers - Wednesday 13 December 6.30pm
  • Year 6 pool/rec trip - Thursday 14 December
  • Reports go home with new class information - 14 December
  • School closes 15 December at 12.30pm


We've been fortunate to have this service here at Titahi Bay School for the past 2 years with a health champion coming in and checking and treating children re nits.  Children who have been helped have really appreciated this (as have parents).  Unfortunately KidsCan have announced they are stopping this service throughout NZ at the end of 2017.

KidsCan will continue to help supply some treatment shampoo and nit combs as required but they won't have people visiting schools to check and treat.  This will mean it is doubly important for parents to get onto treating and getting rid of these pesky critters at home.  Many thanks to KidsCan for this tangible and valuable support at Titahi Bay school for the past two years.


We have 19½ school days left and the days are going too fast.  Remember to pack a drink and hat in your child's bag.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou



Email: kerry.delaney@titahibay.school.nz

It is week 5 and we are racing into the first term and I can’t believe how much we fit into a school day.
We had a great turn out for parent interviews and we thank you for making your appointment and turning up, it is very important to meet and discuss what is happening for your child in their class. Please contact the class teacher if you have a problem, concern or celebration as they are with them all day and know exactly what is happening.
We are so ready for the school Triathlon this weekend, our fitness level is high and we have had the last few weeks preparing for the day.
We have had beach sprints, beach wading, running and cycling. For our year 4- 6 we have been out on the road with Pedal ready and are feeling very confident.
REMEMBER this is our 9th Triathlon and the money raised goes directly back into our school and this year it will go towards stadium like seating in the hall so when we have a concert or show everyone can see the performers. Our Home and School work so hard for our school and we are so thankful we have them – so it’s not too late to offer your assistance just email homeschool@titahibay.school.nz
I thank our Home and School for paying for the new planter boxes, soil and plants – these are around by the front of the cooking room and will have some plants and herbs to use for cooking. 
What a delight it was to work with the New Entrants last week and make weetbix trifle and what fun we had learning a new skill, they all went home with the recipe and hopefully some will be made in your house. 
Weetbix Trifle
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup unsweetened yogurt
4 Weetbix
½ cup toasted pecans
Using a small saucepan, heat the blueberries and reduce for a couple minutes until thick.  Take a glass (approx 270ml) and start to layer your trifle, starting with ½ crushed weetbix followed by a spoonful of yogurt, then the blueberry mix and pecans.  Repeat once again.  Finish with a layer of the crushed pecan nuts.   Allow to sit for a few minutes to allow the weetbix to soften before eating.
If you want to try something just a little different - transform the trifle into a smoothie by blending all the ingredients with 150ml of reduced fat milk or milk alternative.
Thank you to the Home and School for paying for the beanbags outside the library for children to sit on and read their books.
Our accelerated Literacy group will cook this week and start their own recipe book.  A purpose for writing always motivates our tamariki.  
For electives in Term 2 we have the Heart Foundation and Love Food Hate Waste working in school  to help our tamariki make sound decisions around the food they buy and eat.  
Facts from lovefoodhatewaste.co.nz
*The average family throws away $563 worth of uneaten food per year.  That’s 3 shopping trolleys’ worth of food that goes straight in the bin!
*Each family is tossing 79 kilos of uneaten food per year - it’s like binning 55 size 14 chickens or 888 apples.
Six simple things you can do to reduce your food waste:
*Plan your meals and buy what you need
*Store your bread in the freezer
*Keep potatoes in the dark
*Take your leftovers for lunch
*Stew fruit or make smoothies
*Add leftover chicken to a pizza, in a pie or in a panini
I have noticed some tamariki arriving late each day at school and this isn’t how we want 2017 to roll – I need to see your tamariki in class ready for learning every day.  You can only reach the standards if you are at school and learning.
Pak'n'Save Receipts   
We need lots of these so we can buy new equipment in Te Manawa - as you can imagine this gets so much use that it is important to maintain our resources.
Maths Whizz
We are still waiting for the payment of $10 towards Maths Whizz.  You can pay at the office, on the school APP or by internet banking.  Bank details are ASB Bank  A/c No. 123254002777600
This Saturday is our school triathlon.
Important information for the day:
On arrival please take bikes to the marked area on the Toms Road car park.
Every child will be given a t-shirt on Friday to wear at the event.  We ask that all junior children wear their helmets to the start line for safety and ease of bike transition.  Shoes must be worn for the run and wheels section of the race (and preferably for the swim).  Helmets MUST be worn during the wheels section of the triathlon.
Find your year group on the beach, the teachers to look out for are:
New Entrants / Year 1                           Fi Fitzgerald, Sharon Thompson, Sarah Taylor
Year 2                                                      Kristina Stevens, Rebekah Maskell
Year 3                                                      Grace Mulvihill, Karly Logan
Year 6                                                      Candis Wood, Phil Edgecombe
Year 5                                                      Matt Tan, Sharon Hartley
Year 4                                                       Janelle Reid, Nicky Bell
Open Racers                                          Find the marked table at the finish line.
Races start and finish on Titahi Bay beach.  First race begins at 9a.m. sharp.  Children start according to their year group.  Order of races will be:
9am  NE/Year 1:              250m run, 200m wheels (1 lap), 50m wade
          Year 2:                    300m run, 500m wheels (2 laps), 75m wade
          Year 3:                    500m run, 1km wheels (3 laps), 100m wade
          Open Juniors;        250m run, 200m wheels, 50m swim
Not before 10:10am       Open seniors:         750m run, 1.5km wheels, 150m swim
                                           Year 6:                      750m run, 1.5km wheels, 150m swim
Not before 10:40am        Year 5:                     750m run, 1.5km wheels, 150m swim
                                            Year 4:                     750m run, 1.5km wheels, 150m swim
Not before 11.30am        Open Pre-schoolers:   250m run, 50m wade only
(These are approximate distances & times and will be subject to conditions on the day).
There will be RAFFLES, FOOD and DRINKS available to purchase on the beach EFTPOS will be available.
If you have any queries please contact your child's teacher or miranda.mcmahon@titahibay.school.nz
You can now pay your triathlon donation/sponsorship through our school app. All donation's/sponsorship's in by next Friday 10 March go in the draw to win some prizes.
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School Photo Day 2018

Friday 11 May 2018

Triathlon 2018

Saturday 24 March 2018

Beach Education

Wednesday 6 December at Titahi Bay Beach. Postponement date Wednesday 13 December.


5 places available for out of zone year 1 children in 2018.  Advert will be in Kapi Mana week of 20 November.  Deadline for applications is 3pm Friday 1 December.  If ballot required it will be on Friday 8 December.  Parents informed of outcome of ballot by Monday 11 December 2017.

Fun House Day

Friday 8 December.

School Closes - End of Year

Friday 15 December at 12.30pm.

Year 6 Pool/Rec Trip

Thursday 14 December.

Xmas Picnic

Thursday 7 December 4.30-6pm.

End of Year Interviews

If you would like an end-of-year interview, please email class teacher, these will be 4-8 December.


Reports go home with new class for 2018 on Thursday 14 December.

Year 6 Leavers 

Wednesday 13 December.

2018 Term Dates

Term1: 1 Feb - 13 April.   Term 2: 30 April - 6 July.   Term 3: 23 July - 28 Sept. Term 4: 15 October - 14 Dec. Public Holidays: Waitangi Day 6 Feb, Easter Friday 30 March, Easter Monday 2 April, Easter Tuesday 3 April, Queens Birthday 4 June, Labour Day 22 October.

BOT Meetings

2017: 26 January, 20 February, 27 March, 1 May, 8 June, 3 July, 4 September, 6 November, 4 December.

2018: 19 February, 12 March, 28 May, 25 June, 13 August, 17 September, 12 November, 3 December.

After Hours Contact

Steve Jackson - 0272410913

School App

Download our school app from App Store for iphones or Play Store for android.

New Board Of Trustees

Sarah Campbell (Chairperson) Scott Hemsley, Lynette Renouf, Ria Tomoana, Gaby Wesley-Smith.

Dental Clinic

Phone 0800825583, option 1.


9am Monday 13 November, 11 December.

 Kakano - 2017

Mondays 1.30-3pm

After School Care for 2017

YMCA - Contact Rebecca White , Phone 022 3121978, rebecca@ymcawellington.org.nz


Stationery for 2018

Purchase online from Officemax            https://www.myschool.co.nz/titahibay

KURA Homework Challenge

KURA Homework Challenge celebration.

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