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Our Strengths

We have a very effective staff with a lot of experience who deliver innovative programmes across our school. We believe that the foundations to an effective education come about through a very focused teaching and learning programme in: 

  • Reading, Writing and Sound/ Spelling – Literacy focus. 
  • Numeracy skills are the other main focus.

We offer a wide range of initiatives to ensure all our students are challenged and reach their expected level of achievement. We provide the following programmes:

  • Reading Eggs
  • Maths-Whizz
  • And extra lessons for students who need a little extra help.


Our Staff

Our teaching staff are experienced, committed, vibrant, enthusiastic, positive and ready to go the extra mile for our students. Our staff have a range of professional experience and interests and work very collaboratively on all aspects of school development.

All our staff are part of on-going professional development, particularly in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and the well-being of our students. Our school wide curriculum reflects the needs and interests of our students each year. The staff have high expectations on achievement but also that all our learning community work harmoniously together.