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New school website

Last Updated: March 8, 2021

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new look website! It’s been a huge project for everyone involved and can’t wait to share some of the cool new features over the next few months. We’re updating some of the content here so don’t worry if you can’t find something it’ll just be getting updated. 

Brand new to this website are home pages for each Learning Hub – here you can find out who the hub teachers are, what’s happening in the hub, download Hub Newsletters, and see what the Learning Focus and Long Term Learning Plans are for the Hub.

You’ll see a notice board of ‘What’s happening’ on the homepage, this is a place to quickly see what’s coming up and check if that event you thought was Monday is actually Tuesday!

The Events & news page will be where we share useful information for your whanau and our community. We’d love to hear any ideas of content you’d like to see on this page or even across the website so please email us with us if you have any ideas.

We also have an Events calendar, and we’ll be regularly posting News, so you can keep up to date with what’s happening around the school.

A huge thank you to Josh Twaddle and Rachael Burke who have worked to bring this all together and also the amazing Jodene Gooch and Lisa Campbell who have been involved making sure it all makes sense.